Creating MunkiReport Modules Part 6

24 August 2019 on macOS, MunkiReport

We’ve finally made it near the end. We have our client pushing data to the server and we have our functions to process the data. Finally, we need to present the data.

Munki Extension Attributes

23 August 2019 on macOS, jamf, munki

Jamf and Munki

MunkiReport Setup Tweaks

05 August 2019 on macOS, MunkiReport

MunkiReport Setup

MunkiMDM Updates

29 January 2019 on macOS, MicroMDM, Munki

I few months back I put together a little proof of concept utilizing the MicroMDM api to control UAMDM profiles with Munki by having Munki trigger the MDM profile install.

Creating MunkiReport Modules Part 5

28 January 2019 on macOS, MunkiReport

Processing the Data

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