Creating MunkiReport Modules Part 4

06 December 2018 on macOS, MunkiReport

Gathering the Data

Creating MunkiReport Modules Part 3

05 December 2018 on macOS, MunkiReport

Part 1 Getting Started Part 2 Module Structure

Creating MunkiReport Modules Part 2

03 December 2018 on macOS, MunkiReport

In part I we made an awesome module. Or we made the framework for an awesome module. Or really we got ourselves ready to make an awesome module with the awesome built in MunkiReport tools. In this article, we deep dive into the module itself.

Creating MunkiReport Modules Part 1

30 November 2018 on macOS, MunkiReport

Recent changes with MunkiReport have decoupled the modules from the core of the MunkiReport project. Many thanks to Arjen van Bochoven (@bochoven) for all the hard work in bringing this to reality. I’ve seemed to pick an interesting time to learn how to create modules and I wanted to share some things I’ve learned along the way. Also big thanks to John Eberle (@tuxudo) and Zack McCauley (@zack_mccauley) for their help and patience getting me this far.

Munki + MicroMDM = MunkiMDM? Part III

08 November 2018 on macOS, MicroMDM, Munki

Check out Part I & Part II for more info on the background and progress to this point.

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