Munki + MicroMDM = MunkiMDM? Part II

06 November 2018 on macOS, MicroMDM, Munki

In my last post, I discussed how to use Munki to control UAMDM Profiles using the MicroMDM API. As a proof of concept, it works great, but it also stores the API key for MicroMDM on any machine it is pushed to. Not ideal to have someone grab this and lock your entire fleet!

Munki + MicroMDM = MunkiMDM?

01 November 2018 on macOS, MicroMDM, Munki

Checkout out Part II for actual Middleware! And Part III to really extend it!


10 October 2018 on macOS

I have been digging into Bootstrappr and Installr lately and have wanted to have a record of some of my interesting findings, so I decided to use it as an excuse to turn on the blog part of my site. In sticking with the missing vowel theme I have created a wrappr for them which I termed deployr.

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